A unique territory



The history of the Le Fornacelle Agricultural Society is a story of passion and love for the territory: that of Paolo De Luca for his land and good wine.

A strong bond , so much so that it takes its name from the ancient furnaces of Vesuvius that shone in the night right in the area where the structure now stands.

An ancient land, which already Pliny the Younger in his letters to Tacitus of 79 AD. he described it as the place “where the furnaces of Vesuvius boiled, emitting dazzling flashes enhanced by the darkness of the night”. A land of millenary agricultural tradition, rich in excellences known all over the world, such as the piennolo dop tomato, the apricots from the slopes of Vesuvius and the honey of our beekeeping: productions that are the basis of our vintage products

The coast of Vesuvius, with its glimpses of rare beauty and its enchanting landscapes, makes Le Fornacelle the ideal destination to celebrate your most important event . Weddings , communions , confirmations , anniversaries , baptisms , holidays graduation , birthdays , or even a special occasion or a moment of relaxation staying in the shade del Vesuvio: every moment is unique and precious in the extraordinary setting of our location.