Our four hectares of agricultural land are dedicated to organic crops , from the cultivation of tomatoes and aubergines to the production of excellence typical of the territory such as oil , honey , jams , tomato del piennolo dop , apricots.
The intense flavor and the possibility of keeping it for a long time, hanging in the hand-worked “piennolo” shape, make it ideal for enhancing the taste of pizza and other typical dishes of Neapolitan cuisine : for this reason it is among the oldest and most popular products of the Vesuvian area.
One of the legends about the Vesuvius piennolo tomato dates back to the creation of the city of Naples . This in fact would have been created by Lucifer who stole a piece of heaven and threw it on the earth: his touch, however, made the earth infertile. It was then that Jesus, saddened, would have let himself go to tears: his tears, falling on the slopes of Vesuvius, made the land surrounding Vesuvius fertile again.
This is how the piennolo tomato was born, with a “divine” flavor.
Our piennolo tomato, which has also obtained the DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) certification , is also available in preserves , natural.
The recipe includes broccoli, and its delicious tops, seared in extra virgin olive oil together with a clove of garlic (to give perfume) and chilli. Finally they are seasoned with a drizzle of raw extra virgin olive oil and enjoyed alone or accompanied with sausages, the typical Campania dish “Salsicce e Friarielli” is very famous. The slightly bitter taste of this side dish typical of Neapolitan cuisine is unmistakable.
Of remote origins, studied by the Egyptians and known to be a precious ally of the immune system, honey is one of the typical excellences of the Vesuvius National Park.
The Fornacelle honey is collected in the hives of the Agricultural Company and processed with artisanal methods, in full respect of the natural phases of processing, thus ensuring a genuine product of the highest quality.
Our delicious honey is available in millefiori, acacia and chestnut versions.
Our Vesuvius pellecchielle apricot jam is one of the specialties of our agricultural society. A natural product with a characteristic flavor, thanks to the volcanic soil, therefore very rich in minerals.
Our traditional panettone and the one with apricots from our orchard tell our story, making us rediscover the flavors of tradition and becoming the ambassadors of the taste of our land.
Made in collaboration with the Ambassador of Taste Chef Angelo Borrelli and the Sous Chef Aniello Borriello, ours is a classic panettone, made with mother yeast and 48 hours of leavening using only natural ingredients that the land of the Estate offers.
“Preparing an Easter dove and baking a product of excellence is a challenge we could not escape from, because our land offers us the opportunity to enjoy its products: unique raw materials meet to give life to an authentic product in touch, smell and taste. “
The collaboration with the Ambassador of Taste Chef Angelo Borrelli and the Sous Chef Aniello Borriello gave life to the Easter Colomba Fornacelle, in the traditional variants, with apricots and with Vesuvius chocolate and honey, all with mother yeast and 48 hours of leavening.